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A new kind of paramedic

This interview with Medmastery learner Jeff will bring you up to speed on community paramedicine and how the role of paramedics has evolved over the years.
24th May 2023 • 8m read

Cardiology Digest #4: Late-Breaking: AI vs. Doctors on Reddit, Hypertension Strategies in Surgery, and Iron's Role in Heart Failure: Unpacking Recent Medical Breakthroughs

Welcome to another enlightening episode of our podcast, where we delve into the latest medical research to bring you insights that can enhance your understanding and practice.
17th May 2023 • 3m read

How to Write a Medical CV

A guide on how to write a medical CV from our talent acquisition specialists.
15th May 2023 • 6m read

Cardiology Digest #3: Late-Breaking Trials: Abbreviated Antiplatelet Therapy, COVID-19 & ECG Changes, and AI-Generated Medical Advice

Welcome to Episode 3 of Medmastery's Cardiology Digest, where we bring you expert insights and the latest scientific findings in the field of cardiology.
11th May 2023 • 3m read

How to negotiate a nursing salary

Top tips and strategies to negotiate a higher nursing salary.
9th May 2023 • 5m read

Cardiology Digest #2: Late-Breaking Trials: Unpacking the Mediterranean Diet, Statin Inequalities, CRT Findings, and Cardio Stalemate

We've got an amazing podcast episode lined up for you that'll surely quench your thirst for knowledge on cardiovascular health.
4th May 2023 • 3m read

Primary care clinicians can treat cutaneous and musculoskeletal conditions

Who says that primary care clinicians can’t perform dermatological and musculoskeletal procedures? Certainly not us! That's why we brought in Stephen Holt to show you how to treat the most common musculoskeletal and cutaneous conditions.
3rd May 2023 • 1m read

How to aspirate and inject the knee joint

Performing a knee arthrocentesis (fluid aspiration) and steroid injection helps you identify the root of your patient's problem and relieve them from pain. Learn the best way to prepare for, perform, and provide follow-up for this procedure.
3rd May 2023 • 1m read

The 7 best wellness apps for clinicians

Top 7 wellness apps focused on uplifting clinicians' mental and physical well-being.
1st May 2023 • 4m read

Cardiology Digest #1: Late-Breaking Trials: Caffeine's Cardiac Impact, Cardiologists' Financial Ties, Hidden CAD Dangers & Sotatercept News

Welcome to another exciting podcast episode, where we dive into the latest cardiovascular research!
27th Apr 2023 • 2m read

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