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Cardiology Digest #4: Late-Breaking: AI vs. Doctors on Reddit, Hypertension Strategies in Surgery, and Iron's Role in Heart Failure: Unpacking Recent Medical Breakthroughs

Welcome to another enlightening episode of our podcast, where we delve into the latest medical research to bring you insights that can enhance your understanding and practice.
17th May 2023 • 3m read

Cardiology Digest #3: Late-Breaking Trials: Abbreviated Antiplatelet Therapy, COVID-19 & ECG Changes, and AI-Generated Medical Advice

Welcome to Episode 3 of Medmastery's Cardiology Digest, where we bring you expert insights and the latest scientific findings in the field of cardiology.
11th May 2023 • 3m read

Cardiology Digest #2: Late-Breaking Trials: Unpacking the Mediterranean Diet, Statin Inequalities, CRT Findings, and Cardio Stalemate

We've got an amazing podcast episode lined up for you that'll surely quench your thirst for knowledge on cardiovascular health.
4th May 2023 • 3m read

Cardiology Digest #1: Late-Breaking Trials: Caffeine's Cardiac Impact, Cardiologists' Financial Ties, Hidden CAD Dangers & Sotatercept News

Welcome to another exciting podcast episode, where we dive into the latest cardiovascular research!
27th Apr 2023 • 2m read

The Medmastery Show (Ep 8): Pamela Douglas—inspirational advice from a successful female cardiologist

In this short interview, we talk about how to be happy and successful as a cardiologist, what makes a great clinician, researcher and overall human being. If you are working in cardiology, you don't want to miss these valuable nuggets of wisdom!
9th Apr 2020 • 2m read

The Medmastery Show - Episode #14 | Samuel Shem on failure, creativity and life as a clinician

Have you read the novel “The House of God” by psychiatrist Samuel Shem? I read it when I was in medical school and it deeply influenced me. I’ve had the great pleasure to interview Samuel Shem for you.
21st Jan 2017 • 32m read

The Medmastery Show - Episode #13: Dan Siegel | Become a great clinician by following his valuable advice

Inspiration and energy is what you’ll get from today’s interview. I promise you that. There are lots of nuggets of wisdom that you can apply and use in your own life. Today’s guest is Dr. Dan Siegel.
10th Oct 2016 • 2m read

The Medmastery Show - Episode #12: Judson Brewer | Mindfulness in Medicine

In this interview, Judson explains how we can use mindfulness for ourselves and our patients to help us become happier and more fulfilled in our jobs and daily lives.
25th Aug 2016 • 2m read

The Medmastery Show - Episode #11: John Harper | Literature and Medicine

Today I’m back with a great guest. His name is Dr. John Harper. He’s a cardiologist with an interesting passion from Dallas Texas.
2nd Mar 2016 • 2m read

The Medmastery Show - Episode #10: David Albert | Entrepreneurship in Medicine

Today’s guest is cardiologist inventor Dr. David Albert. He is the founder of AliveCor a great company with the potential to revolutionize self-tracking.
15th Jul 2015 • 2m read

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